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HT54-18X(N)-440W (6.6kw)

HT-SAAE has unleashed their new N-Type 440W module that’s a real catch for anyone searching for the ultimate solar panel that packs a punch while being budget-friendly. With an impressive module efficiency of 22.5%, advanced N-Type TOPCon technology, and a 30-year product warranty for rooftop installations, the HT54-18X(N)-440W panel is a game-changer in performance and durability.

But wait, there’s more! Designed to be easily maneuverable with optimal dimensions and weight, this module is available in all-black with the HT-SAAE 440W Panda module. It comes with a 30-year power warranty and a whopping guaranteed power output of 87.4% after 30 years, along with a 30-year product warranty for rooftop installations, and a 12-year product warranty for ground-mounted systems. With such top-class features, the HT-SAAE TOPCon N-Type 440W module is the clear winner when it comes to energy production and customer satisfaction.

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